Old hat, new tricks

Published March 4, 2015 by Storm

Having decided that every knitting project I started this year should include a technique new to me in some way, I found myself needing to knit a second hat to a pattern I’d used just before Christmas. The question was how to integrate a new technique into something I’d done before. I’d recently bought two books in The Works, Knit Step By Step and Crochet Step By Step, so decided to try the Twisted Double Cast On shown in the former. If I’m honest I didn’t get it quite right! I got a cast on edge which wasn’t going to unravel but instead of the very stretchy cast on promised I got an edge with much less stretch than my usual Long Tail Cast On; however, I think I can see where I went wrong so I will have another try before too long.

I was more successful with a second new technique I tried. I’ve always used magic loop when knitting hats in the round, the only method I knew of knitting a tube with a smaller circumference than the length of my circular needle. On this hat I was just finding magic loop really irritating; so much time wasted pulling the spare length of the needle’s cable through twice per round, and it wasn’t really a long enough cable. I decided to see if it would work just having one loop for the spare length of the needle, sure enough it did. Of course I knew I couldn’t be the first to use this technique so the next challenge was to find out what it was called; Ravelry to the rescue, another knitter made sense of my description of what I’d done and was able to tell me it’s a technique called Travelling Loop.

I didn’t think to take any pictures to illustrate the techniques I was trying, but here’s the finished hat (as modelled by Mog).


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