Persian Egg Pie

Published January 8, 2014 by Storm

Introducing the 2014 Recipe Challenge

I’m one of those people who loves to cook but seldom follows a recipe but, because it’s well known that I enjoy my cookery, I have amassed a full shelf of recipe books.  I am ashamed of the way I neglect these wonderful books and am determined to correct that this year.  Thus the 2014 Recipe Challenge is born; I will try one recipe from one of my cookery books every week, and to hold myself to account with it I will write about it here.

Persian Egg Pie

From Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian, I’ve been intending to try this recipe for a while if I’m honest but until my last birthday I didn’t have an appropriately sized frying pan for omelette type dishes for one, the Railway Modeller doesn’t like omelette much.  This was also a good choice to start with as most of the ingredients are things I usually have in my cupboards or, as with the parsley, growing in pots.

A short shopping list was compiled.  Basically I needed fresh coriander, I never have any success growing this, and dried methi.  The methi was probably a deciding factor in choosing this egg pie over any of the omelette or frittata recipes I have; I love methi and eat methi dishes whenever I encounter them in a restaurant but I’ve never used it myself before.

This was an easy dish to cook, with a tiny bit of planning ahead it would be a great dinner for those nights when I’ve been working late.  My only gripe was a small one, the quantities of fresh herbs are given for them after chopping finely, I’m not the sort of girl who has ready chopped fresh or frozen herbs, just how big a bunch would I need to produce four tablespoons of chopped coriander?  Actually, since I was making two thirds the size given, how much would I need to create eight teaspoons?  It wasn’t a big niggle though, my guesswork was close enough, and everything else went smoothly.

Persian egg pie was pretty darn tasty and wasn’t bad cold the next day, though I preferred it hot.  I will make it again though some customisation of the recipe will occur.  I’d like more raisins in it, the recipe called for currants but I switched to raisins as that was what I had in the cupboard, and  think I’d like to try swapping the chopped walnuts for flaked almonds.

Four out of five for both ease of cooking and tastiness.


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